Poabs Organic Estates grows other crops such as pepper, cardamom and banana as inter-crops/mixed crops. Vanilla cultivation is under development.

Pepper Plantation

The entire Organic Estate is interplanted with various types of pepper plants.

Pepper Plant

Black Pepper

Red Pepper Freeze Dried

Green Pepper Freeze Dried

White Pepper


It has been noticed that during the pepper harvest season (January- March) a lot of the native birds, after eating the ripe pepper fruits, defecate which in turn germinate randomly in the field facilitating the cycle of natural propagation. This unique phenomenon favours the sustenance and genome preservation of pepper creating a natural gene bank.

The product range offered includes ‘Black’,'Freeze dried', ‘White’, 'Red' and ‘Green’. A pepper milling facility is also installed.


For administrative purposes, the organization comprises four legal entities as follows, but collectively known as Poabs Organic Estates:

  • Poabs Estates (P) Ltd. (Seethargundu Estate: Area: 350.140 hectares, including coffee pulping facility)
  • Poabs Organic Products (P) Ltd. (Tea Factory is located in Seethargundu Estate, along with Pepper Milling and Freeze-Drying facilities)
  • Poabs Exports (Export Divison, servicing all production units)