Nestled in the Nelliyampathy hills in Chittur Taluk, Palakkad District of Kerala state in South India, is the 350-hectare Poabs Organic Estates.At an average elevation of 3,500 feet, the estate is the largest, perennial multi-crop organic plantation in India growing tea and coffee, both arabica and robusta, with inter-crops of pepper, orange, vanilla and cardamom.

The Nelliyampathy hills, with vast areas of protected forests, enjoy ideal weather and climatic conditions, making them eminently suitable for the development of plantation crops. Nelliyampathy is a dedicated planting district, with land use being exclusively agricultural.

Organic Tea Plantation

Organic Cabbage

Organic Noolkol/Carrot

Organic Beetroot

Organic Brinjal

Organic Chilly

Kerala state, known as "God’s Own Country", is a tropical paradise famous for its enchanting backwaters, lush green hills, ayurvedic systems, and cultural heritage, and attracts ecotourists from around the world. Through sustainable agriculture, Poabs Organic Estates makes a positive contribution to the ecosystem.

On one side of the Poabs plantation, the raja's cliff forms a natural boundary on a clear day, you can see the plains and the town of Palakkad. On other sides, and in the upper reaches, the estate shares a fence with reserve forests rich in biodiversity.

Poabs Organic Estates offers a range of ‘certified organic, biodynamic’ socially and environmentally cultivated teas and coffees, with distinctive cup profiles.

Organic Vanila

Organic Strawberry

Organic Raddish

Organic Banana

Organic Pepper

Cardomom Picking

Organic Tea

Organic Coffee Plantation

Organic Orange