The climatic conditions on Poabs Organic Estates are ideal and highly suitable for growing coffee of both Coffea Arabica (Arabica) and Coffea Canephora (Robusta), with plenty of water sources available on the estate for irrigation. Biodynamically-grown coffee, as distinct from general organic coffee, is particularly rare, and can even be termed "exotic". Poabs Organic Estates, Nelliyampathy is one of two D e m e t e r - c e r t i f i e d biodynamic estates in the entire world.

The following Coffee Varieties are planted in the Estate:

Arabica: Sln.795, Sln.9 and Sln. station Selection Robusta: Sln.CxR, Sln.274

Coffees are processed at the estate level and are available in both cherry and parchment (washed) form.

Cofee Plantation

Cofee Blossom

Coffee Fruit

Coffee Picking

Coffee Wet Processing Unit

Drying Yard

"The coffee of Poabs Organic Estates is grown bio-dynamically, with care being paid to the environment, to the work culture and above all to the quality in the cup. The robustas from this estate, when washed, have a Strong body, are Neutral, Clean and possess a Fair Smoothness, with a tint of bitterness, enabling the beans to be even brewed as a ‘neat’ drink. The farm is a delight to the eye and the cup a stimulant to the palate!" says Ms Sunalini N. Menon, an internationally renowned coffee taster and CEO of Coffeelab Pvt. Ltd. based in Bangalore, India.

Poabs Estate is a member of the Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA), the Speciality Coffee Association of Europe (SCAE) and Specialty Coffee Association of Japan (SCAJ).